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Church of God’s Providence in Daugai

The Church of Divine Providence is in the town of Daugai.

The church is historical heritage, without any towers, hall type and has modified Gothic, Classicism and Baroque style features. Inside the church there are the 3 naves, separated by columns, the vaults are segmental. There is a bell tower near the church. The churchyard fence is made of stone masonry, with a classicist gate.

The Chapel-Mausoleum

In the surroundings of Daugai, in Bukauciškės II, there is the 19th century mansion of the former signatory of the Lithuania‘s Independence Act of February 16, priest, prime minister, army chaplain Vladas Mironas. The chapel-mausoleum of Bukauciškės II manor is built from red brick Romanesque style with neo-Gothic elements.

If we believe in legends, old and very tall maples once was growing on the hill on top of which the chapel was built. Many storks lived in those maples. They guarded the mysterious stairs by which the spirits of the pious dead ascended to heaven. In the basement of the chapel, on the sides, there were niches where the landowners were buried, nowadays they have been robbed. Near the chapel-mausoleum is the place of the former mansion, with little surviving details of the dilapidated building (wall, foundations).